Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Winter Games

The temperature could reach the upper 60s today in Hanover so you can be sure of two things:

1) Shorts will be spotted all over the Dartmouth campus.

2) The Canada Goose parkas will be back out in another day or two.

Given the weather, it's an odd time to take a look at the Dartmouth Winter Carnival, but given the Olympics, why not? Here are some highlights from a big weekend in Hanover that wouldn't have been the same this weekend:

More thanks to the folks who continue to help Ernest Evans and his family as the former Dartmouth quarterback continues to face the fight of his life. Since the Valley News story came out on Sunday an additional $5,000 or so has been raised on GoFundMe to help support Ernest. Read the story and you'll appreciate just how important every dollar is.