Saturday, March 03, 2018

Harry B. Would Be Proud

When Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson got a spring training at-bat with the Yankees more than a handful of  years since his last minor league game, he found himself thinking about his late father, Harry, a member of the Dartmouth Class of 1977. From a New story: 
His thoughts weren’t as much on that seven-year gap as they were about what it would have meant to his father, (known by all as Harry B.), who had played baseball and football at Dartmouth and who had taught him the game before passing away in 2010.
“I think back to my dad,” Wilson said. “I think back to all the hard work you put into something, your whole life you train to get to this place, this level, and everything else. Obviously playing football and baseball, to be able to put the jersey on - funny story, my uncle Al, he’s lived in New York for years and years and years. And he wears the Yankee hat no matter where he goes. The only place he doesn’t wear it is in the courtroom and in the pool. But everywhere he goes he wears it, even when he comes to the Seahawks games. I just think about the people that have really meant a lot to me in my life. Just to have this opportunity to play with a great organization, to do this and to really be a part of this family, it’s been great.”
Calling for a fair catch on a kickoff at the 2 and getting the ball at the 25? It could happen as another rules change to make the game of football safer is proposed. Check out the story HERE.