Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Wonder No More

It's still not showing up on the internet but given that former Dartmouth wide receivers coach Jerry Taylor Jr., is tweeting it himself, here's the scoop: He's joining onetime Big Green defensive line coach Kevin Lewis on the staff at William and Mary.

Here is Taylor's heartfelt tweet:

It can be fun when a non-football person writes a story around a subject dealing with football and tries to use football language. Such apparently is the case in an Everyday Health story under the headline, Is Tackle Football for Children Harming Their Brains?

Scroll down the story and like so many on the same topic, the author of the piece touches on the practice philosophy of Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens. What was the first clue that football might not be in the author's wheelhouse? Check out this excerpt (italics are mine):
There are ways to minimize the risk from tackle football, such as eliminating having players tackle each other in practice. Buddy Teevens, the head football coach at Dartmouth College, updated Dartmouth’s practice policies in 2010 so that players hit pads or robotic tackling dummies instead of each other.
“It’s productive in terms of teaching the skills, and it’s helpful and healthy for my players,” he says. “We practice the skill of tackling more than we used to, and we have fewer injuries.”
Teevens also notes that mistackles (attempted tackles that aren’t successful) during games have gone down dramatically.’’
Gotta admit, I kind of like it. I may even use it sometime. "Coach, talk about your team's mistackles."
STATS has its Patriot League spring preview and given that Dartmouth's opening two games are against Patriot members Georgetown and Holy Cross, it's worth taking a look.

Of Georgetown, the STATS piece says:
The scholarship-less Hoyas have found it harder to remain competitive after the rest of the league fully went to scholarships in 2013. They return only half of last year's starters (five on offense and six on defense). 
And of Holy Cross there is this:
The offense returns only three starters, with quarterback Peter Pujals the biggest loss, while the defense returns six players despite losing leading tackler Nick McBeath. 
Green Alert Take: The early read is that the Big Green wouldn't seem to be overmatched in its first two games.
Job posting:
Managing Director for Athletics Fundraising (Dartmouth College / Hanover, NH): Dartmouth College seeks a Managing Director for Athletics Fundraising.
CLICK HERE for the details.
The Nor'easter that devastated some of coastal New England last week was barely noticeable here. We got none of the rain or wind and maybe an inch or two of snow.

This Nor'easter, however, is supposed to take dead aim at us. From our friends at Accuweather:

And finally, if you've been paying attention you know that our house here on beautiful Moose Mountain is now officially on the market. The past couple of weeks have been crazy with carpenters, painters and the like coming through to take care of some of the things we've let go. Well, we have an important showing this afternoon (snow permitting I suppose) so Mrs. BGA and I had a LOT of work to do getting everything in order last night and this morning. Do not ask how late we were up last night but now you know why BGA Daily is a little late today.