Tuesday, April 17, 2018

On The National Front

STATS has a story under the headline 10 FCS players whose NFL Draft stock is rising that includes an Ivy Leaguer. While Ivy linemen and tight ends often end up on lists like this, it's extremely rare for a wide receiver (unless he's ticketed to play tight end like Princeton's Seth DeValve). From the story:
Justin Watson, Penn, WR, 6-2½, 215 - In a deep year of wide receiver prospects, here is one who refuses to be ignored. Like Nichols, Watson earned a Senior Bowl invite following his week at the Shrine Game, and he later rocked Penn's pro day, showing speed and power. He's a physical receiver with good ball skills and appears ideal for the slot. He's moved into the third day of the draft.
More from Craig Haley, who has been Tweeting about the top FCS returnees in various categories. While he notes that 15 of the top 16 points-per-game scorers from a year ago return, three of the top six come from the Ivy League:

1. Dom Bragalone, Lehigh RB: 12.0
2. Zane Dudek, Yale RB: 9.6
3. Tre Honshtein, Sam Houston St PK: 9.4
4. Charles Volker, Princeton RB: 9.3
5. Davion Davis, Sam Houston St WR: 9.0
6. Jesper Horsted, Princeton WR: 8.6

Here's the kicker Craig didn't mention. The only player among the top 16 scorers not returning? He is an Ivy Leaguer as well. It's the aforementioned Justin Watson, who averaged 8.6 points per game.

Interestingly, the NCAA statistics list the top 50 scorers from last fall and no fewer than seven of them come from the Ivy League. Also on the list are Princeton sophomore kicker Tavish Rice (6.8), Princeton junior receiver Stephen Carlson (6.6) and Penn junior kicker Jack Soslow (6.6).

In case you are wondering, Dartmouth's top scorer last year was senior kicker David Smith (6.0) and the top returning scorer is wildcat quarterback/receiver Jared Gerbino (4.2).
A neighbor had the misfortune yesterday of getting his rental van stuck in 5-6 inches of slushy snow as he tried to make it up the last hill before our house. A little shaken and a lot unhappy after a $100 tow, when he pulled over by in front of our house after being pulled up the hill I invited him to leave the truck in our driveway rather than challenge the downhill to his house, maybe a quarter mile away.

After a full day of heavy wind and pinging ice/snow, we got a break this morning. No wind. That's the good news. Unfortunately, here on the mountain it's alternating between the pinging ice and snow almost by the minute.

Oh, and last night we got an email from That Certain Dartmouth '14. It had us shaking our heads. It read:
Stay warm at home and I hope you'll get some weather like this soon :)
Yeah, that came from someone now living in Glacier Bay . . . ALASKA!
Spring practice No. 4 is on tap for Dartmouth today. Stay tuned.
Watch this and pay attention to the reaction by the team at the end. Being part of a team really can bring us all together.