Monday, April 16, 2018

Timing Is Everything

Thankfully there's no "spring" football practice today because miserable doesn't do the weather here justice. It's 29 degrees as this is being written but the web tells us it feels like 23 because of the howling wind. Since early morning it has sounded as if a train is passing by Moose Mountain as constant wind and gusts the TV folks say may hit 65 mph roar through. For good measure we could get an inch or two of icy snow this afternoon – on top of the inch or two of icy snow we got yesterday. Our house inspection is slated for today and I've got my fingers crossed a tree doesn't fall on our roof while the inspector is poking around ;-(
Today's Valley News has a story about the passing of Stephen Waterhouse ’65, who happened to dress up as the Dartmouth mascot as football games as an undergraduate. Find the story HERE.
The Dartmouth has a story on traditions embraced by several Big Green sports teams. Those described for the football team are, "D for Defense," "Who's Got the Juice," and "As the Backs Go Tearing By."
Instead of players having their names on the back of their jerseys for their spring game, Temple players wore their Twitter handles across their shoulders. Other schools include those handles on their game notes. There's a story about that HERE.

Green Alert Take: Hoo boy, is that taking a chance. This isn't to point the finger at any college-age individual, but spend a little time poking around Twitter and it won't take long to realize not all the Tweets that will have you shaking your head come out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest.
It's back to practice Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, with the weather supposed to finally be clearing by the weekend.