Saturday, April 07, 2018

Snow Wonder

It has taken a while to go public but his Twitter feed will let you know where former Dartmouth quality control coach and 2017 running backs coach Steve Thames has landed:

Speaking of former Dartmouth coaches, onetime nickels coach Mike Bruno, who left Dartmouth to be a defensive graduate assistant at Mississippi State while earning his masters and then worked as a defensive quality control assistant at Louisville, is now a defensive quality control coach at Cal.
We awoke this morning to four or five inches of new powder on Moose Mountain. The bright sun gave the piles at the side of the driveway an other-wordly look when I walked Griff the Wonder Dog this morning.

Back in the house the warming sun had the snow sliding off our standing seam roof, which is one of the reasons why you put that kind of roof on your house in this part of the planet ;-)