Sunday, April 15, 2018

Thoughts From The AD

Tris Wykes of the Valley News talked with Dartmouth AD Harry Sheehy about a wide variety of subjects for a piece in Sunday's paper. Find it HERE.

Not much specific to football in the story but it does include this:
VN: Is it likely the Ivy League will allow its football teams to play an additional 11th game per season?
HS: I don’t think there’s an appetite for that with the league presidents. Given the state that football’s in with injuries and concussions, to add another game’s worth of hitting seems counterintuitive. My personal feeling is that 10 games is a lot of football.
Green Alert Take: Sheehy came to Dartmouth from Williams, which played eight games a year when he was there. It would be interesting to hear his thoughts if he came from, say, New Hampshire, which last year played 14 games.
Dartmouth softball tied an NCAA record by hitting four consecutive home runs on Saturday. Check out the NCAA story and video from Dartmouth HERE.