Monday, July 02, 2018

Did You Know?

From a story about the The 49ers Foundation picnic at Levi’s Stadium (LINK):
Two of the bigger attractions were current 49ers players helping kids in attendance with some of the games. Marcell Harris, Jack Heneghan, Emmanuel Moseley, Niles Scott and Blaine Woodson and 49ers staff helped make sure everyone had a great time.
From a through analysis of the Michigan football team by SB Nation (LINK):
(Don) Brown is a national treasure. The 62-year-old served as head coach at Plymouth State, Northeastern, and UMass and coordinator at Mansfield, Dartmouth, Yale, Brown, UMass, Maryland, UConn, and Boston College before getting a call from Harbaugh in 2016. With each passing year, it appears his defenses get more aggressive. 
Green Alert Take: National treasure! And to think he got his coaching career started at nearby Hartford (Vt.) High School before crossing the river and getting his college career started as a grad assistant-type at Dartmouth (while working at the Hanover Inn to support his young and growing family ;-)