Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Have At It

Alert eyes have discovered that the Massey Ratings for 2018 are live. (Thanks ;-)

Before we go on, keep in mind this outtake from the Massey FAQ page. Italics are mine:
Preseason ratings are based on an extrapolation (of) recent years' results, tuned to fit historical trends and regression to the mean. A team's future performance is expected to be consistent with the strength of the program, but sometimes there may be temporary spikes.
Other potentially significant indicators (ex. returning starters, coaching changes, and recruiting) are ignored. Therefore, preseason ratings should not be taken too seriously.
Got that? OK then, without further ado . . .

Massey's preseason Ivy League ratings
148 Yale
181 Princeton
189 Penn
197 Dartmouth
215 Columbia
228 Harvard
252 Cornell
334 Brown

Dartmouth nonconference opponents
237 Holy Cross
294 Sacred Heart
407 Georgetown 

Of interest
144 New Hampshire
175 Colgate

Dartmouth’s chances of winning games this fall per Massey
Georgetown 98 percent
at Holy Cross 62 percent
Penn 53 percent
at Yale 22 percent
Sacred Heart 84 percent
at Columbia 52 percent
Harvard 69 percent
at Princeton 40 percent
at Cornell 69 percent
Brown 92 percent

Projected Ivy League standings per Massey
Yale 7-0 (10-0)
Princeton 6-1 (9-1)
Dartmouth 5-2 (8-2)
Penn 4-3 (7-3)
Columbia 3-4 (5-5)
Harvard 2-5 (3-7)
Cornell 1-6 (2-8)
Brown 0-7 (1-9)

Green Alert Take: I don't bet, and I don't own a farm, but if I did and I had one I'd put it on Harvard finishing better than 2-5 in the Ivy League.

Green Alert Take II: Do you think Dartmouth fans would take a 69 percent chance of beating Harvard? Yeah, I thought so.