Friday, July 13, 2018

Green With Envy

A writer for FootballScoop has compiled, A definitive, authoritative and completely correct ranking of every FCS school’s nickname.

The author's ranking for Ivy League schools:
1. Penn Quakers
2. Cornell Big Red
3. Dartmouth Big Green
4. Harvard Crimson
5. Yale Bulldogs
6. Brown Bears
7. Columbia Lions
8. Princeton Tigers

Green Alert Take: The author concedes up front he has fondness for "color" names. Color me confused ;-)

Green Alert Take II: Apart from Penn, the Ivy League doesn't have particularly creative nicknames.

Green Alert Take III: I wonder how the Ivy rankings would have played out in, say, 1970? (Think about it.)
Football was the big winner in the Dartmouth athletic department's third annual Varsity Alumni Participation Challenge. (LINK)
Happy Friday the 13th from Dillon, Colo., altitude 9,111 feet ;-)