Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Stuff

There's some interesting speculation in a New Haven Register notes column regarding the future of Yale Bowl. From the story:
There’s been no formal announcement and officials at Yale offer no comment. But, rest assured, artificial turf at the Yale Bowl is imminent. The upcoming season is expected to be the final one with natural grass.
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Green Alert: We'll see if it comes about but even this fan of the real thing believes the time has come. A game in the muck at the Bowl might call to mind football of the '50s, but these are not the 1950s. Tyler Varga's numbers would have been a lot more impressive and Zane Dudek will pile up a lot more yards if the Yale athletic administration does the right thing.
Sad news out of Florida with the passing of former Dartmouth running back Ellis Rowe '74. Rowe led the 1973 team with 445 rushing yards and was second on the '72 team with 394 yards. Rowe was honored with the 2015-16 Dartmouth Alumni Award.

A story out of Jacksonville about Ellis and Antoinette Rowe’s Donor Advised Fund at The Community Foundation for Northeast Florida also illustrates how much he believed in giving back. (LINK)

Here's a video the College did with Rowe after he won the Dartmouth Alumni Award:

Heading into the back country here in Colorado later today so BGA Daily postings will be sporadic for the next week.