Wednesday, August 08, 2018

A Couple Of Thoughts

There's a new video out of the football office with defensive line coach Duane Brooks mic'd up in spring practice. But first things first.

A handful of readers have sent along the link to an SB Nation story under the headline, Why the Ivy League might finally be ready to compete in the playoffs. (LINK)

It's an interesting piece that for the most part lets us know yet again that the majority of the league coaches would like to be able to go on. Of course we already knew that.

But it was a quote from Robin Harris, executive director of the Ivy League, that really got me wondering. She said . . .
“A one-game postseason opportunity might have more of a shot than a multi-game possibility, but the issue there is, who do we play? It seems like other conference champions are tied up.”
Two thoughts:

* When she says the a one-game postseason opportunity would have more of a shot in the Ivy League, one interpretation might be that the Ivy presidents are actually afraid of their football teams having success and thereby continuing on in the playoffs. Seriously, since when are Ivy Leaguers supposed to be afraid of pursuing success?

And . . .

* And there's a reason why, "It seems like other conference champions are tied up." Here it is: Because they aren't afraid of pursuing success and allow their champions to go on to the playoffs. It's that simple.

End rant.