Thursday, August 09, 2018

Ahoy – Hoya Time

BGA Premium kicks off tonight with the first in the 2018 Dartmouth opponent preview series, a look at the Georgetown Hoyas.

Tomorrow's preview will feature the Holy Cross Crusaders. A look at Sacred Heart, the Big Green's final non-conference opponent, will be posted Saturday. The rest of the schedule:

Sunday, Aug. 12 - Brown
Monday, Aug. 13 - Columbia
Tuesday, Aug. 14 - Cornell
Wednesday, Aug. 15 - Harvard
Thursday, Aug. 16 - Penn
Friday, Aug. 17 - Princeton
Saturday, Aug. 18 - Yale
Sunday, Aug. 19 - Daily practice coverage begins.

Unfortunately, the previews will not include the usual insights and quotes from the conference coaches because of the Ivy League decision not to hold its media teleconference this year.

Speaking of which, barring a change, look for the Ivy League's official football poll, traditionally released with its media day, on Aug. 20 this year.
The Ivy League has no fewer than 38 players in NFL camps (not to mention Dartmouth's Ryder Stone and Flo Orimolade, in their rookie seasons in the CFL).

Here's a list of Ivy players giving the NFL a shot per the Ivy League office:

Zak DeOssie, New York Giants (LS, 12th year)
James Develin, New England Patriots (FB, 6th year)
Richard Jarvis, Atlanta Falcons (OLB, 1st year)

Lord Hyeamang, Seattle Seahawks (DT, 1st year)
Josh Martin, New York Jets (LB, 6th year)

JC Tretter, Cleveland Browns — OL, 6th year

Jack Heneghan, San Francisco 49ers — QB, 1st year
Charlie Miller, Jacksonville Jaguars — FS, 2nd year

Cameron Brate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers — TE, 4th year
Ben Braunecker, Chicago Bears — TE, 3rd year
Anthony Fabiano, Cleveland Browns — OL, 3rd year
Anthony Firkser, Tennessee Titans — TE, 2nd year)
Ryan Fitzpatrick, Tampa Bay Buccaneers — QB, 14th year
Nick Easton, Minnesota Vikings — G, 4th year
Kyle Juszczyk, San Francisco 49ers — FB, 6th year
Tyler Ott, Seattle Seahawk — LS, 4th year
Adam Redmond, Buffalo Bills — C, 2nd year
Cole Toner, Los Angeles Chargers — OL, 2nd year

Brandon Copeland, New York Jets — LB, 4th year
Ryan O’Malley, New York Giants — TE, 2nd year
Greg Van Roten, Carolina Panthers — G, 4th year
Justin Watson, Tampa Bay Buccaneers — WR, 1st year

Seth DeValve, Cleveland Browns — TE, 3rd year
Charles Kanoff, Arizona Cardinals — QB, Rookie
Caraun Reid, Indianapolis Colts — DT, 5th year

Jaeden Graham, Atlanta Falcons — TE, 1st year
Foye Oluokun, Atlanta Falcons — LB, 1st year
Matthew Oplinger, Arizona Cardinals — LB, 1st year
Those around the country who scoff at the quality of play in the Ivy League – some of them show up in a lengthy thread on the Any Given Saturday message board spun out of the SBNation article linked to yesterday – might find the list above surprising.
The San Francisco 49ers game against the Cowboys will be on the NFL Network tonight. Tune in to hopefully get a look at former Dartmouth quarterback Jack Heneghan. If you are in the Jacksonville, Fla., or New Orleans area you can catch the broadcast of the Jaguars with former Dartmouth safety Charlie Miller on Fox 8, CBS47 or FOX30, starting at 8 p.m.