Monday, August 27, 2018

Better Him Than You ;-)

Former Dartmouth wide receiver Bo Patterson '15 is going to run the Rock‘n Roll Marathon in Savannah in November to raise money for the Tillman Foundation and he is going to do it the hard way.

Patterson, who closed out his career tied for fifth all-time in the Dartmouth record book with 15 touchdown catches, is planning to run his first marathon – his first distance race, actually – WITHOUT training.

On his Tillman Foundation fundraising page Patterson explains what he is planning to do and why.
"Embrace the suck." The statement that surely seemed contradictory was stated by a teammate before a 5:30 AM workout in college, and it stuck with me. Our nation's finest have been saying it for years, and the more soldiers and veterans I come across, the more I'm impressed by their mental fortitude; they embrace the suck all the time. I'm not a soldier, probably never will be, but I truly want to embrace the suck in this marathon. I'm constantly impressed by friends and comrades who have survived Ranger School, SEAL training, and other grueling tests of mental and physical strength. I'm not going to run a step before this marathon. I'm not going to train. I'm not going to be in "marathon shape" at all. As I embrace the suck on this marathon, I hope to both honor our soldiers/veterans and get a small taste of what they go through on a regular basis. It's going to be hard. It's going to hurt. It's going to suck. Please donate to this incredible foundation so it doesn't suck for no reason.
Bo also shared these thoughts in an email he sent this way:
I’ve never run more than a couple miles in my life, but if our armed forces are willing to sacrifice their lives for us, then I figure I can sacrifice my body for 26 miles and raise some money while I’m at it. It’s a small nod of appreciation to those that serve and the Pat Tillman Foundation is one of the best. I learned about them from Ed von Kuhn ‘14 who’s run races for them and is now an Army Ranger himself.
To help Patterson help the Tillman Foundation, CLICK HERE.

The Valley News has a football notes column that has a thought on who might be leading the race to succeed Jack Heneghan as Dartmouth's starting quarterback HERE.
From the Dartmouth football Instagram account:

The Daily Pennsylvanian endeavored to rank the Ivy League athletic programs over the past decade. The ranking (LINK):

1. Princeton
2. Harvard
3. Cornell
4. Yale
5. Penn
6. Columbia
7. Dartmouth
8. Brown
Discuss among yourselves.