Thursday, September 06, 2018

This And That

It will take a few games for the Sagarin Ratings to normalize but after one week here's how they look:

149 Yale
164 Princeton
176 Harvard
190 Penn
200 Dartmouth
202 Columbia
220 Cornell
230 Brown

208 Holy Cross (up from 211)
212 Sacred Heart (up from 225)
235 Georgetown (up from 239)

The ranking of DI is for all FBS as well as FCS members and so includes 255 teams.
While the Dartmouth-Harvard scrimmage that had traditionally been held on this Thursday before game week was canceled and replaced by today's Green-White Scrimmage - The Sequel, Brown and Yale scrimmaged last weekend and Columbia scrimmaged DIII Montclair State.

The cone of silence that cloaked the Dartmouth-Harvard event each year was shifted to southern New England last week so there's nothing to be found online about how it went. The Columbia Spectator, however, had a look at the Lions' scrimmage HERE.
Dartmouth is playing Yale at the Bowl this fall and the Yale football blog doesn't sound optimistic that the facility's historically bad grass will be anything but, writing:
"(T)he playing surface should have been in better shape to begin the season. The last year of natural grass in the Bowl could turn into a muddy mess."
A "comment" on that posting from someone using the nom de plume "Eyes on Elis:"
What is really sad about the condition of the Yale Bowl turf is that there are experts employed by Yale at the golf course just 3 miles away who could have been placed in charge of the year round health of the turf. Somebody with authority should have made that happen.
Second, the money was there to put in the synthetic turf field promised to the players and coaches for this season. Again, nobody took responsibility for getting the necessary permits in time from the municipal officials. 
And from someone whose pen name in this case is "3 yards and a cloud of dead grass" lamenting that fans couldn't see the team scrimmage:
The lawn maintenance crew seems to be having a hard time gaining entrance to the Yale Bowl too. 
How far does Buddy Teevens' non-tackling practice reach? A mention in a newspaper story about West Carteret High School in Morehead City, N.C., taking the same approach suggests it reaches pretty far. (LINK)
Check in with BGA Premium tonight for a roundup of today's scrimmage action.