Friday, June 21, 2019

Summer Stuff

Happy Summer!
Dartmouth football record against Ivy League opponents since the start of formal conference play in 1956, from best to worst:

Columbia 52-10-1 (.833)
Cornell 44-19-0 (.698)
Brown  41-19-3 (.675)
Princeton 38-24-1 (.611)
Yale 31-30-2 (.508)
Penn 30-33-0 (.476)
Harvard 23-38-2 (.381)
In case you were wondering, Dartmouth's first day of preseason practice will be Aug. 25. That is one day after the Big Green's Week Two opponent Colgate opens its season with a home game against Villanova.

Green Alert Take: This is hardly original but if the Patriot League were to expand could there be any better fit than Villanova from an academic, geographic and cultural perspective? I don't think so either.
Kind of curious that Yale seems to be low-keying the installation of FieldTurf at the Bowl until you recall the PR battle waged by some old-school Yalies to maintain the status quo. (LINK) While the school hasn't posted any photos there are a few shots from Twitter accounts that give us a peek at what it looks like:

Former Harvard quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick proves you can teach an old dog new tricks with a look-away pass a la Patrick Mahomes during Miami Dolphins camp:
Don't get the wrong idea. I didn't watch the NBA draft but reading about Yale swingman Miye Oni being picked with the 58th selection of the NBA draft confused me. The story on the Ivy League page begins this way:
Miye Oni, the 2019 Ivy League Player of the Year, was selected by Golden State Warriors with the 58th pick in the 2019 NBA Draft.
Then I read this on a Utah Jazz page:
The Utah Jazz were busy to end the 2nd round. They did not draft one, not two, but three players in the last 10 picks of the NBA Draft. With their third and final selection, they traded for Miye Oni from Yale with the 58th pick in the NBA Draft. 
As it turns out, Golden State drafted Oni and appears to have traded him to Salt Lake. (LINK)

Green Alert Take: The last Ivy Leaguer to wind up with Salt Lake after the draft? That would be Walter Palmer '90, the Jazz' top draft pick in 1990 when he was taken 33rd overall. (The Jazz did not have a pick in the first round.) The only Ivy Leaguer taken between Palmer and Oni was Penn guard Jerome Allen, grabbed with the 49th pick by the Timberwolves in 1995.

Green Alert Take II: For a league that does a lot right from a PR perspective the "association" sure could clean up its draft night act when it comes to trades. (LINK)