Monday, July 01, 2019

Here We Go – BGA Year 15

Sign-up begins today for Year 15 of BGA Premium, a subscription website that strives to deliver the most comprehensive and professional coverage of any FCS program in the nation.

To that end, I have watched and written stories about every Dartmouth football practice since the start of BGA in 2005 and covered all of the big wins – as well as each of the heartbreaking losses. By the end of the 2019 season I will once again have posted more than 120 full-length stories and written more than 100,000 words about Big Green football.

The third iteration of the BGA website, which debuts today, features a new address:

If you are new to BGA Premium, check out the site, click through to learn more and read a few of the writing samples for a sense of what you'll find this fall. Yes, you can watch most of the games online but to know what's going on during the week and behind the scenes a subscription to BGA is your best bet.

Subscriptions to BGA Premium are available through PayPal or personal check under the Sign Up pulldown at

Unfortunately, because the site has been reworked for 2019 even loyal returnees will need to fill out a form to select a new password or confirm their old one.

The new BGA Premium site already has coverage of spring football posted, but the first fresh copy for the 2019 season will go up starting Aug. 15. Here's the schedule:

Aug. 15 Colgate
Aug. 16 Jacksonville
Aug. 17 Marist
Aug. 18 Brown
Aug. 19 Columbia
Aug. 20 Cornell
Aug. 21 Harvard
Aug. 22 Penn
Aug. 23 Princeton
Aug. 24 Yale

Aug. 16

Aug. 25-Sept. 14

Sept. 15-Nov. 25

Thanks to everyone for your support. BGA Premium and BGA Daily could not continue without your generosity.

First, if you are one of the handful of folks who already took out a 2019 subscription please send me an email and I'll get you fixed up.

And second, please understand that BGA Premium is still a duct tape and chicken wire operation when it comes to signing up. I have to do most of it manually. If you sign up or touch base with me I'll get you going ASAP but if I'm not around my computer it may take a little time. Short of a power failure or Internet crash I'll certainly have you going by the end of the day although in most cases it will be within hours at most. Thanks for your patience.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming ;-)

Hero Sports has continued its look at FCS teams with a preview of the 2019 Harvard team HERE. From that preview:
Harvard wants its spot back at the top of the Ivy League standings. The talent is certainly there to do it. But the thing is, several other Ivy League programs have brought in tremendous recruiting classes. The level of play in this conference is extremely high and overlooked by a lot of FCS fans because they don't get to see these teams in the playoffs. Winning an Ivy League title is difficult and there are a handful of teams that look to contend for a championship in 2019. Harvard is one of them.
Green Alert Take: I've been doing a lot of research for the BGA Premium preview series and my sense at this point is that people who are looking past Tim Murphy's Harvard bunch could be in for a surprise this fall.