Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Sophomore Summer

The Dartmouth sports publicity office has a "Sophomore Summer" Q&A with quarterback Derek Kyler HERE.

The 6-foot, 181-pound QB from DeKalb, Ill., broke Dalyn Williams' school record and finished second in the nation in completion percentage (68.9 percent) last year. He was seventh in passing efficiency and 30th in yards per pass attempt.
With Columbia posting its recruiting class (which includes two transfer offensive linemen) every Ivy League school but Yale now has released its class. You'll find a lot of familiar high schools in these lists:

Day One of Year 15 of BGA Premium went off pretty smoothly. For as much of a grind as it is doing the site seven days a week come mid-August, the most trying part can be getting everyone signed up and going. Lost passwords, a click here instead of a click there and just enough confusion about the process can make the whole deal a pretty big headache for me until things slow down as the season begins. With a new website this year I was a little more apprehensive than usual, but so far everything is working smoothly.

A reminder that most of the process is not automated so it can take a little time for me to get you up and going after hearing from you. That said, I make it a point to check my email regularly and try to press the right buttons ASAP.

For more information on how to sign up, scroll down to yesterday's post or just visit BGA Premium.