Sunday, July 28, 2019

One Of Each

Football Gameplan's Ivy League Recruiting Roundup actually looks at just one incoming freshman at each of the Ivy League schools with the Dartmouth selection being running back Noah Roper of Colorado:

Green Alert Take: There was a time when Dartmouth successfully recruited Colorado and it's nice to see a talented player from out that way headed to Hanover. It always seemed to me that a kid who is comfortable in Colorado would be comfortable in the Upper Valley.
A website called Downtown Rams offers up a 53-man roster prediction for the NFL team that includes this:
Unfortunately, the two undrafted rookie tackles Matt Kaskey from the Ivy league and Villanova’s Brandon Hitner are just not in ideal positions to break through and beat any of these four out. They will, however, receive opportunities to win a spot inside at guard. If Hitner or Kaskey do well enough they could be on the bubble to receive a spot on the practice squad or they might just stay on “speed dial” until anything comes up or they don’t have a team by the start of the 2020 season.