Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Times They Are A-Changin'

This video from the Dartmouth football program is more than welcomed in these dog days of summer by someone looking for content to post ;-)

Usual warning applies for anyone of a certain age regarding the mute button!

Green Alert Take: If you played college football a few decades ago you kind of wish practice back then was what practice is now with no tackling, no Oklahoma drills, no double (or triple) sessions and strict rules about practice hours. Ah, but this video shows the flip side. If you played football a few decades ago you are probably glad your offseason back then wasn't what it is now.
Jake Novak over at the Roar Lions 2019 blog has admired the way Dartmouth football has risen from the ashes of an 0-10 season in 1998 to once again be a year-in, year-out Ivy League force. His post titled One Sentence Forecasts looks at all eight conference teams and will have Big Green fans smiling. Find the Roar Lions 2019 post HERE.
The mobile headquarters of BGA is onsite at Hanover Country Club for the morning matches in the 44th annual Tommy Keane Invitational four-ball tournament and I'll be posting updates all day long on the TKI blog as well as covering the event for my old newspaper. It's an interesting day for me because That Certain Penn State '16 has once again qualified for the 16-team Championship Flight.

I'll also be keeping an eye out for the results of a trail run in Colorado where That Certain Dartmouth '14-turned national park ranger will be on her feet for 30 miles. (Apparently the 24-mile trail run she did in Montana a couple of weeks ago wasn't long enough ;-)