Saturday, July 20, 2019

Saturday Stuff

Work continues on the indoor practice facility alongside the Boss Tennis Center.
Another day, another preseason ranking, this time from College Football Today. In this one, at least, the Ivy League gets a little love:

1. North Dakota State
2. UC Davis
3. James Madison
4. Maine Black
5. Towson
6. Jacksonville State
7. Montana State
8. South Dakota State
9. Weber State
10. Eastern Washington
11. Nicholls State
12. Wofford
13. Kennesaw State
14. Illinois State
15. Yale 
16. Eastern Kentucky
17. Sam Houston State
18. Indiana State
19. The Citadel
20. Princeton 
21. Samford
22. Furman
23. Alcorn State
24. Elon
25. Villanova

Green Alert Take: I find it curious that Princeton, a team that lost the Ivy League player of the year at the most important position in sports (along with one of the best receivers in Ivy League history) is getting the respect it is getting and Dartmouth, which returns both of its starting quarterbacks and a defense that clearly is ready to pick up where it left off, is ignored. As for Yale, while the Bulldogs have a ton of offensive talent back these polls tend to put a lot of weight on the previous year's finish and if that's the case it's quite surprising they are so highly regarded. gives the Princeton-Dartmouth game a mention in a story that probably isn't intended to take a shot at the role Rutgers is playing in the 150th anniversary celebration of college football but certain doesn't toss any bouquets in the direction of the Scarlet Knight program. (LINK)

Incredibly, Rutgers – which played in that first *football* game against Princeton – managed to have a bye on the anniversary week. From the story:
(CFB150 executive director Kevin) Weiberg said he expects Rutgers to have a presence at the Yankee Stadium game. 
And . . .
“I obviously heard about the interest from fans and others to see if that historic first game can be created, but it was clear that both institutions had sort of moved on from consideration of that possibility," Weiberg said of the potential for the first Rutgers-Princeton game since 1980.  
Not that there's much of a chance it will come up in an Ivy League game this fall but here's a 2019 college football rules change:
There has been one major adjustment to the overtime format for 2019. Teams will rotate two-point conversion tries beginning in the fifth overtime, eliminating possessions starting at the opposing 25-yard-line. Each offense will have just one chance to convert the two-point try before the other team gains possession.
Green Alert Take: OK then, here's a rules change I would push for retroactively – Overtime statistics should not be included in individual or team season stats. They should be their own category. Statistics from games like Texas A&M's 74-72 win over LSU in seven overtimes can totally distort records and put them out of reach in games that end in regulation time.