Friday, July 26, 2019

See You There?

Dartmouth continues to crank out videos promoting the Big Green's game against Princeton at Yankee Stadium on Nov. 9. Here's defensive tackle Jackson Perry's take (although someone who loves living in the Upper Valley I'll debate him on the "certain level of crazy" comment ;-)

From PRNewswire regarding the Mobile Virtual Player, developed at Dartmouth as Big Green coach Buddy Teevens looked for ways to make football safer:
With concussion concerns increasing and sports participation at the youth and high school level declining, Mobile Virtual Player (MVP)—the company that introduced football's first robotic tackling dummies to the NFL, revisited the drawing board to redesign their robotic tackling dummies to lower the price in order to increase accessibility for football teams, so that they can increase player safety and reduce injuries while also improving player performance and technique. MVP is excited to announce the release of their newest model, the MVP|SPRINT ($3,450), which will begin shipping in August for the 2019 season.
Speaking of football safety, there's a newly published study that has found, "Mild Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy Neuropathology in People With No Known Participation in Contact Sports or History of Repetitive Neurotrauma."

From a review of the study:
The media has propagated a claim that chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) afflicts people with a history of contact sports and repetitive concussions, subconcussion head impacts, or both. These claims are largely based on case studies/series of athletes or military veterans. However, there is growing evidence that CTE may be present among people with and without a history of contact sport participation.
And . . .
The authors found that 75% of the small case series met the neuropathological criteria for CTE, but none of the men had a known history of participation in contact sports or had a history of multiple concussions. This is important because some researchers have asserted that CTE is a pathology that only afflicts those involved in contact sports; however, CTE may affect those with neurodegenerative diseases or drug addictions. 
Two more things before I go . . .

First, if you didn't read the Q&A linked to here yesterday about former Dartmouth defensive end Nick Tomkins' excellent adventure in Europe, don't miss it. I've received a number of emails from readers who enjoyed the piece. Find it HERE. (There are several other stories under the "Writing Samples" window you might enjoy including a piece with former Dartmouth and Arizona Cardinals linebacker Zack Walz shortly after his friend Pat Tillman died, a story about one of the greatest catches in Dartmouth history and another about what Dartmouth football meant to a young boy battling a deadly illness.

And second, I'm doing PR for the Tommy Keane Invitational golf tournament at Hanover Country Club for the next three days. Because that is done on this same platform every year I manage to post something from the tournament here or something regarding Dartmouth football on the TKI page only to correct my error once I discover it. You have been warned ;-)