Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Twitter Says . . .

Traditionally the new school or team is entitled to make the formal announcement about a new hire, but in this era of Twitter news has a way of getting out. That being the case, a tour around the Twitterverse finds numerous offers of congratulations to Callie Brownson on accepting a new position with the Buffalo Bills.

Brownson, who originally came to Dartmouth last year for a two-week internship, first accepted a position as a quality control assistant and eventually added the title of recruiting coordinator for the Big Green. She recently completed a Bill Walsh Diversity Coaching Fellowship with the Bills, who apparently knew a good thing when they had one in their midst.

Green Alert Take: Anyone who thought Dartmouth bringing Callie Brownson in full-time was a gimmick or publicity stunt soon learned otherwise. As Buddy Teevens said many times, she wasn't a "woman" football coach. She was a football coach. She will be missed by everyone, present company included.

You know it's getting close to preseason when boxes with dorm fridges and other things a freshman needs in his room start getting stacked up in the Dartmouth football complex. This is how the football lounge looked yesterday. 
WRUF, the all-sports ESPN radio station on the campus of the University of Florida picks up on the lengthy ESPN story about the innovations Buddy Teevens has brought to Dartmouth, the Ivy League, college football and football in general HERE. (The post has a half-dozen short sound bites.)

Dartmouth opens camp Sunday. Colgate opens the season on Saturday!

The Utica (N.Y.) Obesrver-Dispatch takes a look at Colgate, which kicks off 2019 with a game against Villanova Saturday on the CBS Sports Network. The Raiders will provide the opposition when Dartmouth opens its home season on Sept. 28.

Colgate coach Dan Hunt, who said his quarterback has earned the keys to the car, on talented QB Grant Breneman:
“I always tell him, ‘It is not what I see, it is what you see.’ I trust him. His understanding of the offense coupled with his athleticism, we haven’t had too many (quarterbacks) like that. The great thing is he can beat you with his arm. ... As far as combination of run and pass, he’s as good as we’ve had.”