Friday, September 06, 2019

Stadium Talk

The Yale Daily News has a story with comments from players about the installation of an artificial surface at Yale Bowl, current capacity 61,446. (LINK)
That story reminded me that I had a chat early in the preseason with someone new to the Dartmouth program who was astonished to learn that Memorial Field (capacity 11,000)  used to seat more than 20,000, and that the visiting stands used to be significantly higher than the home stands. For the newbies out there, here's how it looked until 2006:

Note how the stands had to be offset because of Leverone Field House. The next time you are at Memorial Field note how the depth of new visiting stands is reduced at the scoreboard end of the field to allow the stands to be better centered.

Then and now

 For more on Memorial Field, CLICK HERE.

Thinking about the way things used to be . . . 

A photo essay by Hero Sports under the headline, “14 Smallest Stadiums In The FCS" offers a look at how times have changed for Ivy League teams. This fall Dartmouth will play in two of the 14 listed facilities –  Jacksonville’s D.B. Milne Field, and Marist's Tenney Stadium at Leonidoff Field. Both have listed capacities of 5,000.

In recent years the Big Green has played in two of the other stadia cited by Hero – Central Connecticut’s Arute Field (5,500) and Georgetown’s Cooper Field (2,500), known previously by the wonderfully imaginative name, Multi-Sport Field. 

Here's a look at Jacksonville's stadium:
(Courtesy Perry-McCall Construction, Inc. )
Here's a look at the home side at Marist . . .
. . . and the grass-and-stone "West Berm" seating on the visiting side.