Thursday, September 05, 2019

You Are Invited

Dartmouth continues the full-court press pushing the Nov. 9 game against Princeton at Yankee Stadium. Here Martha Beattie '76 and husband Jim '76, the former Big Green basketball and baseball standout and nine-year major league pitcher share their thoughts. Jim Beattie is certainly no stranger to The Bronx. A fourth-round draft pick of the Yankees, he pitched a complete game to help the team to a 12-2 win over the Los Angeles Dodgers in Game 5 of the 1978 World Series in The House That Ruth Built.

College Sports Journal previews the Ivy League race (LINK) and sees it this way:
1. Princeton
2. Yale
3. Harvard
4. Penn
5. Dartmouth
6. Columbia
7. Cornell
8. Brown

As I wrote back in July (LINK) when CSJ offered up it's Dartmouth preview, I have a ton of respect for Chuck Burton and all the work he does writing up Lehigh football and with College Sports Journal, but with Dartmouth fifth he's not just on an island, he's on Pitcairn Island, 3,240 miles off the coast of New Zealand.

Chuck also includes this:

Offensive Players to Watch
1. WR – Reed Klubnik, senior, Yale

2. RB – Karekin Brooks, senior, Penn

3. RB – Aaron Shampklin, junior, Harvard

4. TE – Graham Adomitis, senior, Princeton

Defensive Players to Watch
1. DB – Isaiah Swann, 5th (sic), Dartmouth (Actually a true senior)
2. LB – Jack Traynor, 5th, Dartmouth
3. DB – Jelani Taylor, senior, Cornell
4. DE – Daniel DeLorenzi, senior, Columbia

Special Teams Players to Watch
1. P – Jake McIntyre, senior, Harvard
2. RS- Mike Roussos, sophomore, Columbia
The local Valley News has a Dartmouth notes column HERE.
The offshore wise guys have spoken and didn't have much to say this week ;-)

They have Marist as a 1.5-point underdog at Georgetown.

Jacksonville is off and will visit Presbyterian next Saturday night. Colgate also has a bye and will travel to William & Mary on Sept. 14.
No Dartmouth practice today but be sure to visit BGA Premium tonight for a glimpse at what the Big Green did to have some fun.