Thursday, October 03, 2019

Focus On Penn

There's nothing about the Ivy League opener in The Dartmouth but the Daily Pennsylvanian has a game preview in which Penn coach Ray Priore sums up his approach to the game in three sentences:
“(Dartmouth has) a really good balanced running attack, and they do a lot of nice action passes off of those bootleg play-action passes that really plays into the aggressiveness of a defense at times."
And . . .
"Both first games they've been up in score and by being in that way, they’ve been able to stay with their game plan all the way through.” 
And . . .
"If (we) score points and they get behind, they have to change a little bit of what they’re doing."
Read the full story in the Daily Pennsylvanian HERE.
The Philadelphia Inquirer's Mike Jensen has a terrific column under the headline, 125 years of Penn’s Franklin Field highlighted by college football heroes and history. (LINK)

From the column about the venerable stadium, which kicks off its 125th season with the Penn-Dartmouth game:
Jim Thorpe and Red Grange were among the visiting football stars. Track greats stretch from Jesse Owens to Carl Lewis to Usain Bolt, from Wilma Rudolph to Allyson Felix. (The Penn Relays actually opened the place in April 1895.) Franklin Delano Roosevelt accepted the Democratic nomination for his second term as president here outside in 1936.
The column notes that Vince Lombardi and John Heisman coached at Franklin Field, Lou Gehrig pitched for Columbia on the field and, "a poor excuse for a Santa Claus was hit with snowballs at Franklin Field in 1968."
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The Dartmouth press release about the Penn game can be found HERE.
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Dartmouth is having a walk-through in New Jersey this afternoon. A game preview will be on BGA Premium tonight. The weekly Fearful Forecast will be posted during the day tomorrow and full coverage of the Dartmouth-Penn game will be on the site tomorrow. (Given that it's a televised 7 p.m. game you'll have to stay up "wicked" late on the East Coast to read the BGA story ;-)

Sunrise this morning over Moosilauke. (Click to enlarge.)