Thursday, October 17, 2019

Gearing Up For New York

Dartmouth makes its first of two trips to New York Saturday, but continues to push the second, the Nov. 9 game with Princeton at Yankee Stadium, with a familiar voice narrating this short video clip featuring a quarterback you may recognize:

You can watch a live video stream of the Dartmouth-Marist game if you CLICK HERE but there is no audio associated with that site. If you want sound to go with the picture, you'll need to open a second window and listen to Brett Franklin and Wayne Young HERE, or to the Marist broadcast on iHeart radio HERE. (You may have to jump through hoops to sync the picture and sound. Find a 12-year-old to show you how ;-)
Dartmouth's game notes have been posted HERE.
A Harvard Crimson column headlined Around the Ivies references the Dartmouth win over Yale and picks the Big Green to beat Marist by 28 points. From the column (LINK):
My pick of Dartmouth by four points was not even close, and if I haven’t made it clear enough already, the Big Green Defensive MachineTM is for real.
Sorry for the abbreviated BGA Daily today. Our power went out a few hours ago and I'm working off my laptop and an auxiliary battery that is running our router. The hamsters are tiring and both are running down so I better shut it down now. Check BGA Premium tonight for coverage of today's final full practice for Saturday's matchup with Marist.