Friday, October 18, 2019

Looking Ahead

From the Dartmouth football office in anticipation of Saturday's game at Marist:

The Dartmouth takes a look back and a look ahead at the Big Green football season HERE. The story includes a particular take on the Princeton game that is starting to make the rounds:
Dartmouth plays Harvard in Cambridge the week before the Princeton matchup at Yankee Stadium, so if the Big Green can win the away matchup against Harvard that week, it’ll be a good sign going into the matchup against Princeton. It doesn’t help that the matchup against Princeton was supposed to be a home game this year due to the alternating scheduling, but now the game is at a neutral site which makes the matchup that much tougher.
Jake Novak down at Roar Lions Roar has this pithy comment about the Dartmouth-Marist game in his weekly picks column HERE:
Should be a really fun day for the Big Green.
STATS ranks the nation's FCS conferences and has the Ivy League seventh, the Northeast Conference 10th, the struggling Patriot League 12th and the Pioneer Football League 13th and last. (LINK)

While the Ivy League has 13 wins out of conference, STATS notes, "None of the 13 non-league wins are against a team currently above .500."

Of the Pioneer, STATS writes:
Credit the non-scholarship PFL for playing a strong non-league schedule.
Green Alert Take:  If you are in the back of the pack the way the PFL is, every Division I non-league game is a tough one.
Dartmouth is tied with Columbia and Yale for second place in the NCAA's latest Graduation Success Rate report with a 99 percent rate for student-athletes who began their college careers in 2012. Harvard leads the country for the third consecutive year with a 100 percent graduation rate. Find a Dartmouth release HERE.