Thursday, January 09, 2020

All-Ivy Per Phil Steele

Your mileage may vary .  .  .

First Team
QB Kurt Rawlings, Yale, Sr.
RB Karekin Brooks, Penn, Sr.
RB Collin Eaddy, Princeton, Jr.
WR JP Shohfi, Yale, Sr.
WR Reed Klubnik, Yale, Sr.
WR Drew Estrada, Dartmouth, Sr.
TE Emerson Logie, Brown, Sr.
OL Liam Shanahan, Harvard, Sr.
OL Dieter Eiselen, Yale, Sr.
OL Sterling Strother, Yale, Sr.
OL Greg Benoche, Penn, Sr.
OL Alex Deters, Princeton, Sr.

Second Team
QB Kevin Davidson, Princeton, Sr.
RB Harold Coles, Cornell, Sr.
RB Zane Dudek, Yale, Jr.
WR Ryan Cragun, Penn, Soph.
WR Rory Starkey, Penn, Soph.
WR Jacob Birmelin, Princeton, Jr.
TE Rory Schlageter, Columbia, Sr.
OLZach Sammartino, Dartmouth, Sr.
OL Henry Byrd, Princeton, Soph.
OL Chad Broome-Webster, Brown, Jr.
OL Greg Benoche, Penn, Sr.
OL Parker Coogan, Columbia, Sr.

Third Team
QB EJ Perry, Brown, Jr.
RB Devin Darrington, Harvard, Jr.
RB Aidan Borguet, Harvard, Fr.
WR Josh Wainwright, Columbia, Sr.
WR Jakob Prall, Brown, Sr.
WR Hunter Hagdorn, Dartmouth, Sr.
TE Carson Bobo, Princeton, Soph.
OL James Lee, Harvard, Jr.
OL Brent Holder, Princeton, Sr.
OL Hunter Nourzad, Cornell, Soph.
OL Evan Hecimovich, Dartmouth, Jr.
OL Cameron Warfield, Yale, Jr.

First Team
DL Niko Lalos, Dartmouth, Sr.
DL Brogan McPartland, Harvard, Sr.
DL Michael Hoecht, Brown, Sr.
DL Prince Emili, Penn, Sr.
LB Jack Traynor, Dartmouth, Sr.
LB Jeremiah Tyler, Princeton, Jr.
LB Brian O’Neill, Penn, Jr.
LB Zach Evans, Penn, Sr.
DB Isiah Swann, Dartmouth, Sr.
DB Jelani Taylor, Cornell, Sr.
DB David Jones, Cornell, Sr.
DB Darren Stanley, Dartmouth, Jr.

Second Team
DL Joey DeMarco, Princeton, Sr.
DL Jackson Perry, Dartmouth, Sr.
DL Daniel DeLorenzi, Columbia, Sr.
DL Spencer Matthaei, Yale, Sr.
LB Nigel Alexander, Dartmouth, Sr.
LB Jordan Hill, Harvard, Jr.
LB Ryan Burke, Yale, Sr.
LB James Johnson, Princeton, Jr.
DB Isaiah Wingfield, Harvard, Jr.
DB Malcolm Dixon, Yale, Sr.
DB Delan Stallworth, Princeton, Jr.
DB Ryan Roegge, Dartmouth, Sr.

Third Team
DL David Chalmers, Dartmouth, Sr.
DL Truman Jones, Harvard, Soph.
DL Sam Wright, Princeton, Jr.
DL Nasir Darnell, Harvard, Jr.
LB Jake Stebbins, Cornell, Fr.
LB Scott Valentas, Columbia, Fr.
LB Cameron Kline, Harvard, Sr.
LB Joey Goodman, Harvard, Sr.
DB TJ Floyd, Princeton, Sr.
DB Niko Mermigas, Dartmouth, Jr.
DB Melvin Rouse II, Yale, Jr.
DB Benjamin McKeighan, Columbia, Sr.

First Team
K Sam Tuckerman, Yale, Sr.
P Jon Sot, Harvard, Soph.
KR Mike Roussos, Columbia, Soph.
PR Mike Roussos, Columbia, Soph.
AP Drew Estrada, Dartmouth, Sr.
LS Grant Jaffe, Dartmouth, Sr.

Second Team
K Alex Felkins, Columbia, Fr.
P Nickolas Null, Cornell, Sr.
KR Joey Felton, Yale, Fr.
PR Drew Estrada, Dartmouth, Sr.
AP David Jones, Cornell, Sr.
LS Nick Tibbets, Yale, Soph.

Third Team
K Tavish Rice, Princeton, Sr.
P Will Powers, Princeton, Fr.
KR Drew Estrada, Dartmouth, Sr.
PR Jacob Birmelin, Princeton, Jr.
AP Mike Roussos, Columbia, Soph.
LS Parker Lefton, Columbia, Soph.

Offensive Player Of The Year: QB Kurt Rawlings, Yale, Sr.
Defensive Player Of The Year: LB Jack Traynor, Dartmouth, Sr.
Freshman Of The Year: RB Aidan Borguet, Harvard
Offensive Lineman Of The Year: OG Dieter Eiselen, Yale, Sr.
Special Teams Player Of The Year: RS Mike Roussos, Columbia, Soph.
Coach Of The Year: Buddy Teevens, Dartmouth
Vermont is about a football field away from Dartmouth but the Big Green has a lot more success recruiting skiers than football players from the Green Mountain State. A column in the Rutland Herald about a 6-foot-5, 250-pound junior lineman who will be playing in the International Bowl all-star game at the Dallas Cowboys' JerryWorld in Texas suggests Dartmouth might be a good fit for the straight-A student. (LINK)

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