Saturday, January 25, 2020

One More Day

Because I'm so used to college football being on Saturday when I went looking to see when Niko Lalos will be playing in the Hula Bowl all-star game on the CBSSports Network I went to tonight's listing. Wrong.

The game will be broadcast tomorrow starting at 10:30 p.m. Set the DVR now ;-)

Oh, and it will be on the CBSSports Network, not CBS per se. For a brief capsule about the game and list of the two dozen or so FCS players who will be playing in it, click HERE.
One of the things about moving is it can take along time to open boxes (if they get opened at all)

Cracking open a box several days ago I found a story I wrote as a cub reporter shortly after finishing my master's degree in journalism. Here's a screenshot of the story:

Click story to read.
I offer it up not because it's a great story – it's not and I cringe reading it today – but as a reminder that concerns about the physicality of football are hardly new, as is the thought that it may mean the end of the game.