Sunday, January 26, 2020

Alumni Sunday

A little alumni news today.

Digging around the internet for something to turn into an appropriate Happy New Year's graphic on the morning of Jan. 1 I stumbled across the handiwork of former Dartmouth safety and captain Ian Wilson '08, one of the hardest hitters the program has had since the start of BGA and still 10th on the school's all-time tackle list. I used one of his acrylic pieces for the "0"s in the graphic HERE.

You may remember this clock Ian crafted as an auction item for the Friends of Dartmouth Football golf outing auction in 2017.

Now living and relocated to Kansas City where his wife teaches at the University of Missouri School of Dentistry, Wilson continues to do consulting for a manufacturing company by day while working on his art at night.

Pictured above are a couple of custom coasters he crafted with a Dartmouth theme. He also fashioned the Lone Pine into a 12 inch-by-12 inch charcuterie board. Check out Ian's Instagram site (LINK) and his personal website (LINK) to see more of his work.

Ian's handiwork is available now at retailer West Elm – Chicago (above) and he's hopeful that with time he will be able to turn his attention to art full time.
Dartmouth coach Buddy Teevens frequently reminds his players that their teammates will be their best friends for life. Pete Pidermann '10, another former Dartmouth captain and safety is today a lawyer in Colorado (LINK). This photo from his recent wedding to wife Meredith in Key Largo, Fla., is a reminder that the Big Green ties bind:

Pictured from left are onetime linebacker Marlon Alebiosu, defensive back Shawn Abuhoff, proud dad Peter, the groom, former running back Rob Mitchelson and onetime linebacker Zech Glaize.