Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Watch This (Pun Intended)

When I stumbled across the following 15-second video this morning it had been online for less than a minute. Dunno anything more than that ;-)

Dartmouth's report on Niko Lalos winning team MVP at the Hula Bowl is HERE and the STATS story about it is HERE.
The XFL rosters have been released and the only Ivy Leaguer playing in the new league's premier season is former Princeton quarterback Chad Kanoff, a member of the Los Angeles Wildcats.
Any Given Saturday has a link to three videos making fun of the largest football stadiums in each state as well as what it considers the worst college stadiums at any level. It's pretty sophomoric stuff with some significant factual errors, and no, I didn't waste my morning watching them. I did, however, fast-forward to see if there was anything of interest in them. And yup, the Ivy League and Dartmouth opponents are featured prominently.

In VIDEO 1 of the worst stadiums in the country Brown gets the first mention at the 1:50 mark. Marist shows up at 4:05 and Holy Cross at 8:20.

In VIDEO 2 Jacksonville gets roasted at the 3:26 mark.

VIDEO 3 is simply taking shots at the largest stadium in each state. Yale Bowl is at the 3:27 mark, Dartmouth's Memorial Field at 13:32 and Brown Stadium at 18:10.

(I wondered what they would do for Vermont and they punted, showing UVM's Centennial Field, a baseball stadium, because the school no longer plays football. There are three DIII fields in the state that mercifully were overlooked.)
And finally, Darrel Gavle '71, the starting tight end on the undefeated and nationally ranked 1970 Dartmouth team, has passed away. Find a story HERE.

Gavle was one of the 1970 team's leading receivers with 13 catches including a touchdown grab against Brown before graduating with a degree in civil engineering. He went on to enjoy a long career with Baxter & Woodman Engineering, retiring as the firm's CEO.