Sunday, February 02, 2020

And Another

Happy Groundhog Day!

What's that? There's something else going on today?
To the list of Dartmouth football recruits for the coming season add the name of Trevon Erickson, a 6-foot-2, 225-pound linebacker from Kentwood High School and Covington, Wash.

Erickson Tweeted his commitment HERE. Per247Sports he had offers from Columbia, Georgetown, Idaho, Montana State, Portland State, Bucknell and Colgate. (LINK)

Find his senior highlight video HERE and a story about his visit to Washington State HERE. He also played basketball at Kentwood and has run on the track team.
With the addition of Erickson the BGA list of Dartmouth recruits has reached 25. Another handful or so of high school seniors either haven't made their decisions or made them public. Or the BGA network of Dartmouth fans haven't yet uncovered them.

A reminder that on Wednesday, as has been the case almost from the start of BGA, this space will be dedicated all day to posting pictures and links from "Signing Day" ceremonies. To share photos please CLICK HERE to address an email to BGA with the subject line, SigningDay.

For what the day can be like when folks share photos, scroll down THIS PAGE to see 19 pictures from Signing Day ceremonies from the rising Dartmouth senior class when they were high school seniors.

Green Alert Take: By far, Signing Day is the busiest day on BGA Daily of the Year. Nothing comes even close so if you want to get those pictures in front of a lot of eyes, send 'em along.
When I was at the newspaper I suggested several times sending a writer out during the Super Bowl to talk to people at the movies or at restaurants who have made a choice not to watch the game, and also to talk with police and nurses etc., who couldn't watch it if they wanted to. Of course, I didn't want to be the one to go out and do those interviews ;-)

I'm looking forward to the game but sure wish the NFL would, just one time, have a real football halftime show. Instead of pausing the TV during halftime and then fast forwarding until the start of the second half, I'd fast forward through the game to see a halftime like the one below. (And keep in mind that as a Penn Stater I'm no fan of the school this band represents). Watch this thing until the end and prepare to be amazed.