Friday, February 14, 2020

Statistically Speaking

Doing my usual desperate search to find something of interest for you this morning I stumbled across a FootballScoop column and listing of annual statistics champions in a host of categories at the FBS, FCS, DII, DIII and NAIA levels. Among other statistical anomalies the story tells us that DIII Brockport allowed just 421 rushing yards this year. Pretty good, huh? Yeah, well, as the story says they really slipped this year. In 2018 they allowed opponents to run for a grand total of, wait for it, 81 yards. For the season!

The Scoop story notes that the Ivy League had two statistical champions. Harvard led the FCS with 4.3 sacks per game and Princeton allowed the fewest penalties per game at 3.5.

All of that got me thinking that you may not have seen Dartmouth's final statistical rankings, compiled after the playoffs. Voila. You'll find those charts below. Click 'em and you should be able to read 'em.

If I had half a brain I'd post the team stats today and the individual stats tomorrow and avoid having to wear out my fingers clicking through the Internet to find something tomorrow morning. But I can't help myself.

Oh yeah, and before you get to the charts, if you are in Hanover tonight you can grab a picture of yourself with football coach Buddy Teevens and the Ivy League championship trophy before tonight's ice hockey game against Brown. (Hopefully it will be the real trophy and not the impostor that was hoisted after the final play of the season.)

DARTMOUTH FINAL 2019 RANKINGS (Click to enlarge and then click on the enlarged chart to super size.)