Thursday, August 26, 2021

A Little Of This, A Little Of That

The view from above "The Woods" courtesy of Dartmouth football.

It's a day off for the Dartmouth football team today so where won't be a practice story on BGA Premium tonight. But as always, there will be a story posted this evening and it should be fun. It will be a little different than anything you've seen on the site in its first 15 years. (And yeah, that's a teaser ;-)

Craig Haley at The Analyst sees Week 5 Dartmouth opponent New Hampshire finishing fourth in the powerhouse CAA. He has James Madison first, followed by Delaware, Villanova and UNH. He writes (LINK):

4. New Hampshire (0-1, 0-1) – After a 24-20 loss to Albany, COVID-19 issues played havoc with the remainder of UNH’s spring season. While the Max Brosmer-led offense must improve on the CAA’s lowest scoring average (20.2 ppg) in 2019, the defense will be fierce with the likes of defensive tackle Niko Kvietkus and safety Evan Horn. Coach Sean McDonnell (154-96) needs two more CAA wins to reach 100.


A line near the end of a Calgary Sun story about the CFL Stampeders (LINK):

Jarrell Owens will be added to the six-game injured list because of the injury that resulted from the chop-block . . . Fellow defensive lineman Folarin Orimolade will also likely be added to the six-game.

Orimolade, the Dartmouth grad and Bushnell Cup winner as Ivy League defensive player of the year in 2017, had returned this season from an injury that sidelined him most of his last year with the team only to be hurt in their most recent game.


It's always fun to read about a former Dartmouth football player's son having success playing the same position in the same sport. Colorado's Craig Daily Express has a story with this bold line: Peck carries a legacy on his shoulders at quarterback. That would be Ryan Peck, son of Kevin Peck '91. (LINK)


A posting under the headline College Football Kicks Saturday: Who’s Won The Most Titles? has three Ivy League schools in the top-10 for national championships and they are the three you would expect:
1. Yale 18 titles
2. Alabama 16
3. Princeton 15
4. Notre Dame 13
5. Michigan 11
6. South Carolina 9 (Of course they mean that other USC ;-)
7. Harvard 8
8. Ohio State 8 (Should actually be T-7 with Harvard)
9. Oklahoma 7
10. Minnesota 6

Why is this worth sharing? Here's what the post included in the Princeton entry:

Princeton is another team that is approaching the 100th anniversary of their last national championship.

They play in the Ivy League conference with rivals Harvard and Yale. However, the league has been dominated by the Dartmouth College team . . .


Mollie Marcoux Samaan stepped down as Princeton athletic director on May 25 to become commissioner of the LPGA. Yesterday the school announced that John Mack, a former track standout for the Tigers before graduating in 2000, will be their next athletic director. Mack worked in both the Princeton and Northwestern athletic departments before spending the last decade practicing law. Find a news release HERE and read what TigerBlog wrote about the man and the hire HERE.

Mack is the third athletic director hire in the Ivy League this year and all three are former athletes in the programs they now run. Brown turned the reins over to Grace Calhoun, who ran track at the school, back in April. Calhoun had most recently been AD at Penn, which replaced her with Alanna Shanahan, who played lacrosse for the Quakers.

While the other Ivies have acted quickly, Dartmouth, which announced Harry Sheehy's departure in early February, has gone another route. The school brought Peter Roby '79 in to serve as interim AD through June of 2022. Roby, like the three permanent athletic directors hired this year, was an athlete at the school he now serves, captaining the Big Green basketball team.


Griff the Wonder Dog, who is pictured at the top right of this page, is no longer a pup at age 7. But he still loves his toys. You might say he loves 'em to death. Here's his favorite, a strange, squeaky stuffed animal we call The Squirrel, that he pulls out of his toy box and plays with virtually every night after eating:

Actually, that's The Squirrel III. The first one was kidnapped by an unknown animal when we camped in our yard one night during the pandemic last summer and Griff mistakenly left it outside the tent. In the morning it was gone. I finally found it in some brush I was clearing late in the fall.

The Squirrel I was replaced by Squirrel II, pictured below. Gorilla Tape extended its life but as I said, Griff about loves his toys to death. We finally retired this one and dug out the spare we'd had hidden away until a few weeks ago. We'll probably pick up The Squirrel IV the next time we have a chance because it's only a matter of time. ;-)