Monday, January 02, 2012

Smell the Roses

Interesting post abut the search for a football coach on Portal 31, the Yale football blog arm of the New Haven Register. The piece about finding a replacement for coach Tom Williams – whose "resignation" was affective Dec. 31 is headlined, Next couple of weeks could determine Yale's fortunes.

It includes this:
I believe that Williams resigned of his own accord about as much as I bought that Jack Siedlecki "retired" after the 2008 season.

What will this year's Dartmouth football alums be doing down the road? Could it be doggie daycare like a former Penn standout?

From USA Today:
Drafted by the Carolina Panthers after an Ivy League education, Mitch Marrow had planned on a career playing in the National Football League.

But a serious back injury cut short his dream. Now, after more than a decade on Wall Street managing hedge funds, Marrow is hoping to score big in an unlikely enterprise, an high-end doggy day care business in New York.
Click here to read the whole story.

Curious about Dartmouth traditions? This link is a fun place to visit. I particularly like this explanation of Green Key weekend:
If you figure out what it's about, please let us know.

Gotta go now and reserve my spot on the couch for the Rose Bowl parade ;-)

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