Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Someone (Sort Of) Old, Someone New

Former Dartmouth football player Ben Koldyke has a new show on ABC TV called Work It. Find his bio for the show here. There's a picture of Koldyke in his new uniform, er, clothing, in a New York Daily News review of the show.

For an earlier BGA look at Koldyke with his old Dartmouth bio, click here.
January is THE month for recruiting visits to Dartmouth and Yahoo.com reports that Florida running back Brian Grove will be in town this weekend.

(Hopefully it will warm up before he arrives. It could drop to 6-below tonight ;-)
Catching up on a couple of Ivy League items I missed the first time around . . . Harvard coach Tim Murphy has been named the New England Coach of the Year. No surprise there.

And Brown Athletic Director Michael Goldberger will retire at the end of the year. link
That Certain Hanover High Grad returned to school yesterday and That Certain Hanover High Senior today. One of them was happy about it. Hint: It was the one who will be running in the Dartmouth Relays Sunday ;-)

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