Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Columbia, Princeton Reviews

Were you curious when you read about Columbia playing a 227-pound offensive lineman this fall? In another informative and interesting blog post titled Season Review and Sticking With the Plan, Lions coach Pete Mangurian addresses the size of his linemen this way:
We remain committed to our standards for body composition. We will not carry fat as a substitute for muscle mass. Our players will work to maintain optimum body composition, not maximum weight. As our program improves we will bring more players into the system that can be “big” enough and still live within our guidelines.
Mangurian does a very good job of laying out his unwavering vision for what needed to happen to turn around the Columbia program. Will it work? No one can say for sure, but it will be fascinating to watch.
Speaking of season reviews, the Princeton football blog has a lengthy look at a down-and-up-and-down season in New Jersey under the headline, It Was So Much Better and Still Not Good Enough.
With Boston College dispatching Frank Spaziani, the Boston Globe has pitched a list of eight names of interest to replace him. Three would be of particular interest to Dartmouth and Ivy League fans.

Not surprisingly, one of those on the list is Harvard's Tim Murphy. Former Brown coach Mark Whipple, now quarterback coach for the Cleveland Browns, is considered one of four "prime" candidates. And New Hampshire's Sean McDonnell is with Murphy in the "others who may be considered" category.

Also on the latter list is Temple's Steve Addazio, a prime target at Yale during the search that yielded Tom Williams.

Green Alert Take: You can bet Tim Murphy wouldn't have any trouble soliciting recommendations from around the Ivy League. ;-)
Dartmouth defensive back Chase Womack's sister Joy, who dances with the Bolshoi Ballet, will do Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker in Los Angeles as a tribute to her late teacher. The Los Angeles Times has a story. Older brother Chase is one of several players on the Big Green roster expected to petition for a fifth year next fall.