Tuesday, March 26, 2013

1 Degree Of Separation

Click the box scores to make them readable.

Dartmouth defensive end recruit Jeremiah Douchee is front and center in a Chicago CBS TV report (and print story) posted under the headline, Talented Low-Income Students Shying Away From Top Colleges: Study.
The Sports Network lists what it sees as the FCS's top 10 offensive players in the NFL draft and two are from the Ivy League.

Listed fifth is Cornell offensive guard JC Tretter, a converted tight end. Right behind him is Harvard's Kyle Juszczyk, essentially a tight end listed at fullback. Both are projected as "fifth-sixth" round draft picks.
Speaking of pro hopefuls, former Cornell wide receiver Luke Trasker wants to follow his father, Steve's footsteps into the NFL. There's a lengthy story about him here.