Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Dom Gets Some Attention

A writer for an online sports network called CLNS Radio has a column (LINK) looking at potential New England Patriot "outside the box" picks or free agent signings.

The writer points to two running backs. One is De'Anthony Thomas of Oregon. The other? Here's what he wrote:
Dominick Pierre (Dartmouth) -  Likely available after the draft, Pierre reminds me of Benjarvus Green-Ellis. Quietly doing his job without much notice. He is not flashy but provides substance and stability to the run game. The Patriots can always use a reliable and consistant running game. 
Here's Dartmouth football's look at the spring game. The overhead scenes at the start were shot using an album-sized, drone helicopter and a GoPro camera:

PressConnects out of Upstate New York writes about the Ivy League's two-year broadcasting deal with NBCSN. According to the story, the network formerly known as Versus broadcast 30 Ivy League games over the past six years including six last year. From the story:
The contract with NBCSN is set to expire at the end of the current school year. Scottie Rodgers, the Ivy League’s associate executive director for communications, is intent on having a new deal in place for next fall, whether it is with NBCSN or another network.
A poster on the CrossSports message board quoted this from a Tweet by an incoming Holy Cross freshman:
"I just found out we play UConn and Syracuse my senior year."
That would be in 2017.

Two thoughts. First, if/when coaches tell recruits something even in confidence you can bet it will hit the Twittersphere before long. (See: New helmets, Dartmouth).

And playing two FBS schools in one year might be, well, a little much, don't you think?

It would appear that the addition of scholarships is beginning to separate the Patriot League from the Ivy League.