Friday, June 10, 2016

Da Bear Speaks

The Denton Record-Chronicle has a byline story on former Dartmouth quarterback Dalyn Williams signing with the Chicago Bears. Among other things, Williams told his hometown paper . . .
“I am definitely looking forward to the new challenge and a different set of critics to prove wrong. I will forever keep that edge because it keeps me motivated in pursuit of my wildest dreams.”
And . . .
“It means a lot to me to get a chance anywhere. That was all I had asked for, and I have my wish right in front of me. A storied organization such as the Bears is only icing on the cake.”
And . . .
“I am very grateful for this opportunity and will not disappoint. Chicago showed me they believe in me, and they will not regret it for one second.”
The Ivy League has adopted new rules regarding the time commitments for student-athletes.

Inside Higher Ed's ironic headline on the story: The Example Nobody Follows (LINK)

Green Alert Take: The Ivy League wants to be, should be, and can be a leader in college athletic reform. The problem is, people will only reluctantly follow you if you are taking them where they don't want to go. If the Ivies actually went to the FCS playoffs, or if they really wanted to prove you can succeed at the highest level while doing it the right way, maybe, just maybe, theirs would be an example people would be more likely to follow.
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In town for graduation or heading this way for reunions and interested in coming away with some unique Dartmouth football (and athletics) souvenirs? Read on . . .

Jack DeGange arrived at Dartmouth in 1968 and spent nine years as Sports Information Director. During those years – and nearly 40 more that he’s been an observer of athletics at Dartmouth – he collected a substantial assortment of Dartmouth athletic memorabilia and publications, most of it related to Big Green football.

In early June, Jack and Jane sold their home for the past 25 years and moved to The Woodlands, a retirement community in Lebanon, N.H. As part of this major downsizing, Jack’s collection of Dartmouth athletic items has been consigned to International DVD & Poster, 44 South Main Street, Hanover (ground level beneath Starbucks, corner of Main and Lebanon Streets).

The web site is, the phone number is (603) 643-6555. The primary contact at IDVD & Poster is Bryan Smith.

If you’re in Hanover, stop by IDVD & Poster. It’s a fascinating shop packed with interesting posters, football programs and brochures.

Green Alert Take: The office above Jack's old garage was absolutely overflowing with everything Dartmouth and most of it is available through IDVD. This is an absolute treasure trove for collectors.