Saturday, September 02, 2017

More Innovative Technology

Andy Osman '85 and Buddy Teevens 
Visiting practice this week was former defensive tackle Andy Osman '85, who brought with him several of the innovative Vicis flexible "impact reducing" helmets for Dartmouth players to try. Read about the helmets on the Vicis website HERE.

From Osman's bio on the Vicis website:
Andy leads the planning and development of our future extension into other sports. A longtime executive at IBM, he comes to VICIS with more than 26 years of tech and international experience. Andy played both football and lacrosse at Dartmouth College, and went on to earn an MS from Johns Hopkins.
"As a former player, current youth coach, and father of football, lacrosse, and water polo players, I have a sense of urgency around the need to reduce head injuries in sports. My energy is focused on finding ways to apply VICIS's innovative football helmet technology to improve safety in other sports."

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Dartmouth will hold its Green-White scrimmage today on Memorial Field. BGA Premium will have a story and at least some statistics tonight but keep in mind that because it is a non-tackling affair and I'm a one-person stat crew, the numbers will be sketchy ;-)
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