Monday, July 08, 2019

A Quick Glimpse At Dartmouth Football History

Something called New York Sports Tours that offers "guided, luxury bus tours to dozens of Midtown Manhattan locations from sports history" has posted a two-minute highlight video of Dartmouth's memorable 33-33 tie with Yale on Halloween day in 1931.

Trailing at the half, 33-10, Dartmouth put together the biggest comeback Yale had allowed to that point to post the highest scoring tie in college football history to that point. The video opens with "Will Bill" McCall's 92-yard kickoff return for a touchdown and closes with "Air Mail" Morton's game-tying 34-yard field goal at the end.

Several thoughts after viewing the video . . .

• Not being able to easily tell which team is which helps explain why, with the advent of televised football on black-and-white screens, one team generally wore white and one team wore a color.

• I'll take No. 40 on my team today. Terrific wheels and surprisingly shifty.

• My how the crowds at Ivy League football have changed (although the empty Yale Bowl end zone looks familiar ;-)

• Either hash marks didn't exist or they were really, really wide. Check out where the ball is snapped at the 34-second mark.

• The passing is a little haphazard, as it always seems to be looking back, but there was no lack of big plays or athleticism in this game. You can almost feel the excitement.

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