Sunday, July 07, 2019

Easy To Cheer For

Here's the lede for a story heading into the women's soccer World Cup final:
Cody Press, the father of U.S. women's national team forward Christen Press, leans into a café table and heaves a sigh. This is tough. Cody is a hard-nosed guy, a former Dartmouth football captain who played with future NFL pros Jeff Kemp, Dave Shula and Nick Lowery. But the past 10 months have been crushing, a constant emotional overload.
CLICK HERE to read the touching piece about Cody Press '80 losing his wife and Christen her mom just last January.
While a lot of folks thought a Princeton-Rutgers rematch of the first-ever college football  game would be a fitting way to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the sport, it wasn't to be. Princeton did what might be the next-best thing, hitching its anniversary festivities to Dartmouth's 250th anniversary celebration game at Yankee Stadium on the historic weekend.

Rutgers? A story on RU's SB Nation site On the Banks recalls the centennial celebration of the college game 50 years ago and laments that the weekend will probably pass quietly in Piscataway:
The 100th anniversary came with some fanfare, as Rutgers defeated Princeton 29-0 in front of a regionally televised audience on ABC and 31,000 fans attended the game at old Rutgers stadium. While Princeton is playing Dartmouth on November 9th at Yankee Stadium this season on the weekend of the 150th anniversary, as of now, it appears it will be a quiet weekend on the banks. Hopefully, some type of celebration will ultimately be announced.
There was recently a twitter account and campaign that was started and is called “BringCollegeGameDayToTheBirthplace," with its sole purpose to garner support for ESPN to broadcast its famed pregame show on campus as part of the 150th anniversary season. It seems like a fruitless endeavor with no game scheduled on the anniversary weekend. Perhaps ESPN would consider coming for another home game, but with the current state of the program on the field, that seems unlikely.
Green Alert Take: Only Rutgers . . .