Saturday, July 06, 2019

Ram Tough

SB Nation's Turf Show Times takes a look at former Dartmouth offensive lineman Matt Kaskey's chances of making the Los Angeles Rams' roster. The column notes that with alums Kevin Demoff and Tony Pastoors high on the team's operational depth chart there's been a soft spot for Dartmouth standouts. From the story:
In 2012, it was RB Nick Schweiger who arrived amid the Rams’ best undrafted free agent crop of the 21st century.
Two years ago, LB Folarin Orimolade had his shot to make the roster.
Now it’s OT Matt Kaskey, perhaps the best offensive lineman in the Ivy League from the last two seasons (though Harvard OL Larry Allen, Jr., the son of former Dallas Cowboys great Larry Allen, might want a word...).
Can Kaskey be the Big Green player to finally stick into the regular season?
Find the full story HERE.
Speaking of Dartmouth pros, I missed a story (with photo) earlier that mentioned Ryder Stone's "great practice week," heading into the Montreal Alouettes' home opener a couple of days ago. Check it out HERE.

While the former Dartmouth tailback didn't have any carries he did return two kickoffs 49 yards and saw action as a lead blocker as the Als won for the first time. From a game recap:
Ryder Stone proved there are other promising Canadian RBs in this league by excelling on kickoff returns and in protection on punt returns.