Saturday, August 28, 2021

Good Stuff

The Dartmouth football drone captured this moment at practice earlier in the week:

(While you are at it, check out the FPV [first person view] drone footage shot to show off the ridiculously extravagant facilities of the DALLAS COWBOYS and MIAMI DOLPHINS.)


Ivy League sports information departments no longer produce a spring or preseason "prospectus," but kudos to Dartmouth's Rick Bender for providing the next best thing. CLICK HERE for a PDF of Dartmouth's Information Request Sheet (Quick Facts) with information under headings General, Coaching Staff, History, Team Information, Sports Information, Team Information and Returning Statistical Leaders along with a Roster, Roster Breakdown, Schedule, Statistics and more.

CLICK the graphic to enlarge.

Green Alert Take: Forms like that for the other Ivy League schools when I was working on the BGA Premium Dartmouth opponent previews would have saved me hours and hours.
Stumbled across this list of former Dartmouth players who played in the NFL and reworked it to list the eight players who were in the league for five or more years. Here they are in order of most years played:

18 years, K Nick Lowery ’78 (1978-96)
14 years, LB Reggie Williams ’76 (1976-1989)
10 years, QB Jeff Kemp ’81 (1981-91)
9 years, QB Jay Fiedler ’94 (1995-2005)
8 years, T-G-E Ed Healey ’18 (1920-27)
8 years, G-T-E-C Swede Youngstrom ’18 (1920-27)
6 years, T-FB-TB Gus Sonnenberg ’20 (1923-30)
5 years, RB-TE Casey Cramer ’04 (2004-08)

Two other players are on the Pro Football Reference list for Dartmouth but probably shouldn't be included here. Johnny “Red” Bryan played six years in what would become the NFL (1922-27) but never lettered at Dartmouth and is claimed by the University of Chicago. Charlie Guy, who played five years (1920-24) never lettered for the Big Green and is considered a Washington & Jefferson product.


From a Baylor football preview (LINK):

Drew Estrada enters his sixth season, first at Baylor after transferring from Dartmouth. The Ivy League didn’t play in 2020, but Estrada had eight touchdowns and 827 yards during the Big Green’s 2019 season.

Green Alert Take: Nothing earth-shattering there but it is a bit of an eye-opener to read the "sixth season" bit. Fingers crossed that Drew heals up from an injury that has slowed him during camp.


It's the weekend but there's no such thing in the sports world. Check in with BGA Premium tonight for a report out of the latest Dartmouth football practice.


And before I let you go, Dartmouth actually started intercollegiate play last night with a 3-2 women's soccer victory over Holy Cross on Burham Field. (LINK)


When we celebrated "Christmas in August" earlier this month we had family members in town for the first time who obviously had not seen the gorgeous views we have here from our Vermont hillside house. Unfortunately, the western wildfires had clogged up the skies and 4,802-foot Mount Moosilauke (left in the photo below) was never visible. The mountains to the right were only barely visible at best.

After three days of hot and humid weather it cooled off last night and that made for cloudy skies but a crisp horizon this morning. Here's what our family members missed:

Click photo for a closer look.